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Timeout of the browser

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I have a strange timeout issue with the browser in Version 5.95 5989
Here it goes:

I created a simple project. only one file:


$test = "a";
$test = "1";
$test .= "2345";
echo $test;


I run the project settings wiz. Everything is fine
I run the file in Debugger (F9). Output is produced to the output window.

If I put a breakpoint at i.e. at any random line it stops there, if I press immediately F9 is continues and renders the output window correctly

SO FAR EVERYTHING IS FINE. Now for the "funny" part.

If I run again with F9 and continue of the breakpoint for about 5secs or so PhpED switches to the output window and telling me:

This program cannot display the webpage
Most likely causes:
You are not connected to the Internet. .... bla bla bla

If I go back to the window of the file, the blue bar is still there and I can continue to debug. All variables are correctly calculated and conditions evaluated.
But when finishing debugging the file with F9 NO output is rendered on the output window .

Here is the content of the log tab:

Action navigating: http://localhost:8080/test.php 10:57:07
Action Debug session ID=405894563381600009 started 10:57:07
IDE Starting debug session (405894563381600009), script: /test.php, server: localhost:8080, sapi: cgi-fcgi 10:57:07
Action Failed to navigate to URL: http://localhost:8080/test.php?DBGSESSID=405894563381600009;d=1,p=0,c=1 10:57:18 -> when timeout of the browser
Action Debug session finished 10:57:29 -> after finishing the debugging of the file

Please advice how to solve the issue. I need this solved quickly. The client is waiting. Sad
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Timeout of the browser
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