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shimasoft wrote:
eutychus wrote:
Who are those Beta Testers?

As you can see it's you, me and other users of PhpED Wink

Sorry ... i can't understand ... it is such an obvious error ... doesn't anyone of nusphere have a network? I personally hit to this error 3 Minutes after installation Shocked

In this case it would be better to establish an open beta phase ... including a bug-tracking system ... !
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it's not that obvious beacause it works fine for us as well as for most of customers -- SMB-shares under MacOS, Linux, W2K3, W7 etc.

There is nothing new with beta-testing and bug-tracking. Thanks captain Obvious.
FYI: this all we have and use.

The PHP IDE team
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Hi all,

I had the same problem and i searched the problem with the support.
After many testings the phped dev's fixed the problem and certainly the next release (maybe 6030) have the fix included.

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eutychus does have a point on the beta testing. I applied to be a beta tester and never got a response. However, I personally have this find in files issue and because I test PhpED on a separate system to my development, I would have accessed all my projects over a network share and would have also found this issue within a matter of minutes.

It would appear NuSphere need more variety in beta testing environments.

Maybe they will let more people beta test the next version Wink

I'm downloading 6030 at this very moment and if it works then I am now ready to trust using it on my development system Very Happy
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I don't want to open a new thread, this is a minor bug in Find

In Find / Mark All when a a line starts with tab(s) the marking pushed to right with 3 characters. More Tabs in the line push the mark further. In settitng I use tab character, but the mark looks like using spaces instead of Tab.

Win7, phpED 6 6030
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Would just like to comment on the original problem - I too had the finding issue with my setup (Win7 64 for PhpEd, Debian Linux server with Smb share for source code) and perhaps unhelpfully didn't report it as it was already being dealt with by Nusphere. With the latest build 6030 it does appear to have been fixed but *only* if you use *.* as a file mask, which is not ideal. I will submit a bug report, but just wanted to keep the others with the problem informed...
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[PhpED 6] - Search in Files does not work on network drive
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