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Navigation, Code Completion

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1. Jumping to other functions/classes could be much easier.

    a. A dropdown showing all functions and classes in current file. Cursor jumps there when selected.

    b. A shortcut key that is “project aware”. Hitting this key with the cursor on a function/method/instance would jump you to it’s corresponding definition/prototype even if in another file.

I use these in VC all the time, they are sorely missed here!!

2. Code Completion needs to be improved - does not support classes or methods.

Because I try to write OOP style programming, I use classes almost exclusively, even for static functions, just to take them out of the global namespace. Unfortunately nothing shows up with auto-complete. VC has really spoiled me here. Especially when using nested class instances via composition like: $Display->screen->draw->circle($arg);

3. An improved code browser showing all classes/functions (not just opened files) and constants.

Still overall - very impressed. Very usable.

Zany Dog
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yeah, you just listed stuff we're working on Smile
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Navigation, Code Completion
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