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Additional features

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phpED is a really good editor. But I'm missing some features which are in most Linux-based KDE-Editors.
I'm not sure if there are request like these here...

Intelligent HOME
That means, by pressing the HOME-Key, the cursor will not go to position "0".
By pressing HOME, the cursor will go in front of the first char in current Line. If the cursor is already in front of the first char, then it should go to position "0"...
Line one
    |Line two, first the cursor was on end of this line

(If you know KDE, check out this Feature under KWrite, Kate, Quanta, ...)

Linebreak in watch
By debuging big Variables like a SQL-Query, it would be more user-friendly when the watches can be displayed as multiline.

Find text at cursor
By PHP-Programming with Classes it would be usefull when not only the Functions from current file will be available. Also the Classes and their functions should be visible.
$DB = new DataBase();

Now there should be listen all Functions from Class "DataBase" which begins with "Connect"...

Open included/required files
If there is a PHP-Tag like "include('file.php')" [ include(), include_once(), require(), require_once() ] it would be useful to open the file with Mouse and a Key (CTRL+MouseClick, CTRL+ENTER, ...).
will open the File "foo.php"

Go to a function
Similar to the feature above, but with a Functions. Jump to the Function where the Cursor is, or the Mouse was pressed...
function foo($bar) {
  return $bar;

$msg = $fo|o('message');

go to line "function foo($bar)"

I hope there are some suggestions for you....

best regards, Lukas Zurschmiede

delight software gmbh
Zurschmiede Lukas
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Additional features
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