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wdsl / RPC parameter serialization uses strange array

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EDIT: although I am stil very curious wether this is a bug or an error on my side, I found out how to achieve this with php's soapclient.

I'm developing using a local area network link:
$this->soap = new nusoapclient("http://mywebservice.lan/graphicweather.asmx?WSDL", true);

Calls to this client work as long as I do not try to add parameters.

When I add parameters apparently these are not included. Digging into the class gave me something to focus on but not a solution.

Here is a debug list:

1 wsdl: have 1 part(s) to serialize
2 wsdl: have 2 parameter(s) provided as arrayStruct to serialize
3 wsdl: serializing part "parameters" of type "http://mywebservice/webservice:ApproveSupply"
4 wsdl: calling serializeType w/null param
5 wsdl: in serializeType: name=parameters, type=http://mywebservice/webservice:ApproveSupply, use=literal, encodingStyle=, unqualified=qualified
6 wsdl: in serializeType: got a prefixed type: ApproveSupply, http://mywebservice/webservice
7 wsdl: in getTypeDef: type=ApproveSupply, ns=http://mywebservice/webservice
8 wsdl: in getTypeDef: have schema for namespace http://mywebservice/webservice

I do not know why it has mangled the link in line 3.
Looking into the method ->serializeRPCParameters() it looks as if this should be a list of parameter names and types.
I assume something went wrong with the url, as http://mywebservice/webservice:ApproveSupply is a bad link: this might have been intended as


What should I do?

PS: version seems to be NuSoap v1.94 and I renamed the soap_client to nusoap_client, same with nuoap_base, to avoid conflicts with php5.
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wdsl / RPC parameter serialization uses strange array
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