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Port number in debugger URL

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Hi guys

I'm just evaluating PhpED for a new project using Wordpress Network version (multisites). I'm only an hour in to trial but rapidly running out of sessions due to this error!

In debugger Wordpres reports:

Multisite only works without the port number in the URL

I'm using a WAMP setup and by debug URL reads:


Is this something i need to resolve through confir of WAMP or Wordpress or can I get debugger to exclude the port number?

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Whilst port 8080 can be assigned to a web server, it is normally used as a proxy server port. Might not be anything to do with the problem, but I thought I should mention it just incase you really are using a proxy server. The debugger uses its own port for communication with PhpED via the DBG Listener. The web site does not see or use that port. I think 7869 is the default.

If your web server is using port 8080 then the answer is NO, you cannot exclude the port number from the URL, or the browser would try accessing port 80 and not find your web server. That's nothing to do with PhpED or the debugger, that's just normal web browser behaviour.

I'm not familiar with Wordpress but some web site applications do not support ports in the URL (sometimes due to poor PHP coding), or the use of ports implements additional features. It sounds like you are getting a Wordpress specific issue.

Just did a google on your message and found the page at which have a workaround.
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Port number in debugger URL
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