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Output the Execution Flow?

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This question has been asked a few times and I cannot find any response.

Is there a way using the profiler to see and export the execution flow?

Right now, all we can see it that a function was hit, but not the order. Even if the profiler had a column Timestamp, that would help.

Is this not possible with PhpEd Professional 6.1 (6117)?
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I'm not aware of any way of seeing and exporting the execution flow (code tracing).

The profiler is intended for analysing performance and looking for things like bottlenecks. It does allow analysis down to a code line level, but doesn't output execution flow.

Even in competitive product that does offer code tracing, I found that was really just a variation on profiling rather than a true execution flow.

I have used other (non-PHP) debuggers that support detailed code tracing with an execution flow output. The amount of output can be huge and difficult to analyse, particularly when you don't have access to things like variables that determined the execution flow.

In practice I found it was often easier (or at least more useful) to step through to includes/function calls and carefully place a few breakpoints, then use the call stack to work out what is going on and do some single stepping when required.

PhpED is particularly good for this technique compared with other PHP debuggers because it allows you to set the next executed statement, which other PHP debuggers do not.
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Output the Execution Flow?
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