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Failed to connect to the client address ...

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I'm trying to start the debugger on a do-nothing web page, and I'm getting "Failed to connect to the client address ..."

The server is CentOS 5, with PHP 5.2.6 installed (which is unusual - CentOS 5 defaults to PHP 5.1.6, I had to track down 5.2 rpms from a third-party website).

But PHP 5.2.6 does seem to be running OK, at least the phpinfo page reports it as running OK, and my simple test page runs OK:

echo "hello, world!"

But when I try to debug the page from a client machine, by clicking "debug" in IE7, I get the "Failed to connect to the client address ..." message.

The debug listener is running on the client machine - I see the antenna dish. And when I telnet from the web server to the client, I connect OK, and I see the green triangle show up on the antenna dish icon, and see "1 client(s)" in the tooltip.

The help pages on your website only go so far as debugging the communication, which is working, and provide no hints as to what to do if you get this error and the communication is not the problem.

Any ideas?

I changed debugger.hosts_allow=ALL in /etc/php.ini, and still saw the problem. I changed debugger.hosts_allow to not include my client machine, and saw a "not allowed" error message, so it's not the security settings.

I've been restarting apache with "apachectl restart", and that seems to be working.

From phpinfo.php:


 DBG php debugger, version 3.1.12, Copyright 2001, 2007 Dmitri Dmitrienko,

Version  3.1.12 
Linked  as a shared library. 
Dbg SSL  not available 
Dbg ip security  enabled. 
Profiler  enabled 
Target PHP version  5.2.x 
Server API  Apache 2.0 Handler 
Extensions API  220060519 
Modules API  20060613 
PHP API  20041225 

Directive Local Value Master Value
debugger.enable_session_cookie On On
debugger.enabled On On
debugger.fail_silently Off Off
debugger.hosts_allow protected value protected value
debugger.hosts_deny protected value protected value
debugger.ignore_nops Off Off
debugger.JIT_enabled Off Off
debugger.JIT_host clienthost clienthost
debugger.JIT_level 3 3
debugger.JIT_port 7869 7869 48000 48000 4096000 4096000
debugger.ports protected value protected value
debugger.profiler_enabled On On
debugger.session_nocache On On
debugger.timeout_seconds 300 300
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Failed to connect to the client address ...
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