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Someone else may have, but I never implied the problem was in PhpED. I just requested being able to tell it to use multiple connections for FTP. Smile
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The ftp speed discussion here might be moot to the original questioner's point. FTPing files and other files that they might be dependent on (eg. templates) will always take time and cause temporary breaks in structure. Probably not a good idea on a prod server. A better way to do this would be FTPing to a sub directory, say /uat, and then rsync-ing to prod... with the added benefit that you can of course test on UAT. Something like:

rsync -Prgopt --safe-links --exclude 'smarty/' --exclude 'config*.inc.php' --exclude 'error_log' /home/abc/public_html/uat/ /home/abc/public_html

Now if running this in an automated fashion via a bash script could be done from PhpED after FTP transfers were done, that would be nice.
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Still this way may affect your prod server functionality and what it may improve is the server inconsistentcy time.
To avoid the problem completely you'd need flip-flop htdocs folders.
Say you have web's document root in /var/www/flip
if you want to update any files, you upload them to /var/www/flop
then change apache settings and inform the daemon to reload the config.
After the document root is changed to /var/www/flop, you have to upload next updates of the files into /var/www/flip and after you finished, change the config and reload it once again.
No users will ever be affected with this approach Smile

The PHP IDE team
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Upload as .php~ then Rename .php (high-volume sites)
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