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TechPlatform - PHP Java bridge and Management Console

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Hi guys,

I have 2 questions regarding the TechPlatform:

a) would you ever consider embedding PHP-JAVA bridge into TechPlatform in the future?
b) are there any plans to develop management console for PHP IDE - like WampServer?

Here is why I am asking:
In our company we have been using TechPlatform since 2005, when my employer obtained TeamWork licenses.
I found that TechPlatform is one of best configured apache server distributions around. It is definitely tuned up better than the official apache distribution focused especially on security and VH management. So far this is cool and we really appreciate your work.

Now - since last years there are growing trends in PHP sphere. In my opinion, TechPlatform does not take this in consideration so far. The trends are:

A. More companies start using PHP commercially, now it is not only simple language for amateurs as it used to be back in 2005.

This trend became obvious especially with new OOP model in PHP5+ and with introduction of fully featured PHP debuggers.
PHP is becoming serious competitor in some fields for heavy industrial technologies - Java and/or .NET.
In some areas, however, PHP can never beat them, but yet in some areas it is less costy to use PHP rather than java/.NET.
Hence, growing trend is HYBRID APPLICATIONS - could be presented like PHP wrapper calling e.g. java XSLT-FO transformation.
PHP-JAVA bridge would push your TechPlatform to become #1 for commercial IDE platforms and hard competitor for Zend Platform.

B. Demand for easier control over the PHP environment, e.g. via MANAGEMENT CONSOLE, preventing from user errors and misconfiguration statuses.

Typically WampServer, or Visual SVN server.
If TechPlatform would provide similar management console, it would be much easier managable by mass of common users.
To put it all together, it would be great to include also mySQL in TechPlatform by default and thus create complete PHP IDE.
Most of common users dont really care to use most recent version of DB engine, but do care just to have one without painful installation procedures:-)

I am realizing, that both trends may put quite load on your work.
What about following marketing model - commercially distributed TechPlatform with PHP-JAVA bridge and IDE management console..?
I believe, this would be highly beneficial for both sides - NUSphere as well as PHP community.

Any opinions..?


* connecting PHP and Java:
http:/ /

* management console examples:
http:/ /
http:/ /
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TechPlatform - PHP Java bridge and Management Console
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