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Save Breakpoint Sets/Groups

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Here's something that I think would save people a lot of time. I know it would save me a lot. It's could work kind of like the "Worksets" works. Here's my use case.

Often I'm working through code to solve one of a list of problems and while stepping through the code I come across an area of the code that I know I'll have to return to later to solve another problem. What I would like to be able to so is have a way to be able to come back to that break point later when I start working on that particular task. I don't what to have to say "I remember seeing that in the code but now I can't remember where"

Proposed Solution:
Be able to set a bookmark or a break point that I could then save and give a title/comment to it. Then as I'm going through the code I can add more break points that are also relevant. Then let's say I'm finished with the task I was actually working on and now I want to start the next task. I could then activate all those break points and not have to try and remember where they were.
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Tasks/TODO and unnumbered bookmarks -- both suite well for this case

The PHP IDE team
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Save Breakpoint Sets/Groups
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