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refactor CSS

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Can PhpEd actively assist in refactoring CSS? E.g. for blockquotes this site has several classes to deal with the indent of consecutive paragraphs within. Now these classes shall be removed in favour of a :first-child rule on the blockquote element (and in case the attribute/element turns empty the attribute/element as well). There are many more similar (partly more complex) cases where classes shall be joined a/o renamed.

TopStyle 5 provides passive support by extensive usage statistics, but each instance still has to be dealt with manually one way or other, so I am looking for something more actively assisting in the chore.

I have a full-licensed copy of PhpED 13 or 14, though I haven't used the program in 2+ years, don't even have it set up on any machine as at that time TopStyle 5 came up, being closer to Homesite in its support of HTML. Thus this question before I have to set it up to try and probably find out it does not have the capability. OTOH I am willing to upgrade the licence if a later version really can assist in refactoring CSS. Otherwise I think about looking into Perl and a HTML parser.

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refactor CSS
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