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NuCoder and SVN

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Im getting an error trying to encode a site though the IDE:

"Encoder", "Fatal error: Failed to copy (C:\Documents\Trabalhos em Curso\[html] geoquimica2008\html/_svn/entries) to (C:\Documents\Trabalhos em Curso\[html] geoquimica2008\htmle/_svn/entries)", "11:17:42", ""

Not sure if that's the problem but it looks like the encoder is not ignoring the subversion _svn folder as the IDE is (not even know if it's supposed to work that way). Also not sure if this is related to the new 1.4.2 version as It never happened before and this same project as been encoded several times before without rising any error.

Not a big problem as the command line can be used but would be nice to use the IDE (and have all command line options available there).
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NuCoder and SVN
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