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bobwilliams wrote:
I still think support for selecting lines with triple-clicking would be great. What makes it so nice is that it gives you a huge target for the mouse - point anywhere on the line and you're good. You can do this a lot quicker than you can click on the spot right before where the line starts or even the line numbers. Select multiple lines by triple-clicking and dragging. It also allows you to click on the part of the line that actually contains your text, which makes it much easier to select the proper lines when you end up with a small bit of text that's indented a fair bit.

On the keyboard side, I'll have to check out the Mark Line command, as I somehow missed it. I find the combos that involve home or end to be too cumbersome.

A gamers mouse works nicely here, I just program the various buttons on my mouse with the appropriate keyboard presses needed.
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mchahn wrote:
I found out how to select a single line. You click on the line number and just drag down one line. I started using the drag-on-numbers method to select multiple lines and I accidentally dragged it only one line. So my original question of how to select a line has been answered.

Not exactly. When you do this, PhpED also considers the following line to be partially selected. In most cases, this doesn't make a difference, but it makes a big difference in certain cases, such as the auto-comment feature (ctrl-/), which will comment out the second line, as well.

This may have more to do with PhpED's (and Windows' in general) broken selection behaviors than with the implementation of this particular feature.
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Actually I would love to know if one can do the following using keyboard shortcuts, I have looked in the Settings but haven't found one yet:

1) Cut entire line
2) Select an entire line

Right now to achieve this I have to do as someone else suggested and hit HOME followed by SHIFT-END. Then to cut entire line I do the HOME, SHIFT-END, CTRL-X. I would love to be able to just do a single key combo for each action.
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all the commands with their shorcuts are listed in Tools->Settings->Editor Shortcuts.

The defaults:
Delete line -> Ctrl-Y
Mark line -> Ctrl-O, L or Ctrl-K, M
Cut -> Shift-Del or Ctrl-X

Feel free to change them

The PHP IDE team
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how to select a line?
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