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Should PHPED automatically finish last opened HTML tag upon typing "</" (less than sign and forward slash) ??
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Auto HTML tag completion

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Sorry, me again Rolling Eyes

Here's another amazing feature for an HTML IDE that saves ALOT of time and headache and I think ever (HTML) coder would appreciate.

Since we now code with more DIV tags rather than plain old tables, we can get lost in the DIV tags and lose track and forget to close one! OH the CSS Consequences!!!

My fantastic idea is to automatically close the last opened HTML tag.

*De Ja Vu: I think i requested this feature already, if so sorry for dup*

For example if i've written the following code.


<div id="test>
    <dd >
    <div id="test2">

RIGHT at the end of the code when i type "</" I want it to automatically finish it. So it should finish that example with "div>" and will yeild the ending tag for the first and still open div tag.

Does that example make it clear?

Adobe's Done it. so i know its do-able. Let me know if i need to clarify more.
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Auto HTML tag completion
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