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TIP: Troubleshooting debugger communications
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TIP: Troubleshooting debugger communications

If you have debugger module successfully installed and still have problem with running debug sessions the following steps would help you identify the problem.
If you are not sure if debugger module is installed see instructions listed here

If you run debugger through SSH, please proceed with this topic.

If you run debugger w/o SSH (e.g. directly) and it times out follow these steps:
1. Make sure that debugger module has the same version as dbglistener. PhpED 3.3 comes with DBG-2.16 and can work with DBG-2.16 only.
2. Make sure that the host (client computer) where your run PHPED IDE is accesible from the server.
2.1. Launch PHPED on the client computer. Make sure that dbglistner (see satellite dish) is shown in the task bar.
2.2. Open console on the server and run
telnet computerIP 7869

where computerIP is an IP address of your client computer.
Immediately after you run telnet you'd see black dot inside the white circle in DbgListener icon and something like "01.01.2004 11:11:14 <serverIP> client connected" in the DbgListener log window.

if you get "timeout" message in the telnet console, you'd:
a) make sure that the following settings are set and allow debugger module to start debug session:
debugger.hosts_allow=ipaddr1, ipaddr2, ipaddr3

where ipaddr1, ipaddr2 and ipaddr3 are IP addresses of your workstations where you run IDE(s). You can put there any number of addresses delimited by space or comma, or you can use Linux-style syntax defined for /etc/hosts.allow file (see hosts_allow(5) man topic).
b) make sure that /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny do allow connection for DBG service on outgoing port 7869
c) make sure iptables or whatsoever firewall you use on the server allow outgoing TCP connections on port 7869.

Note: opening outgoing TCP ports on the firewall may weaken your server security! If you use DBG debugger on a public web server (e.g. available through the Internet) please consider using SSH daemon for debugging. In this case you don't need 7869 port to be opened at all.
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TIP: Troubleshooting debugger communications
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