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Suggestion and possible bug

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Firstly when executing a page using PHPEd the IExployer window to be used should be threaded out. When I have IExployer open in some website somewhere and then switch to PHPEd and run my page the IExployer page will change to my page. I think this should be changed. It's annoying the have to reload the website I was looking at. PHPEd should use another thread (or whatever you call it) and not use any IExployers already open unless PHPEd had already treaded one out, then it should use the same one.

Secondly is there a way to assign keypress commands to the View/Tabs choices? I didn't notice any in the Options.

The bug, or whatever you want to call it, is related to my second point.
After bringing up the View/Tabs/DBClient window (for example), and leaving it there and returning to the editor or Alt-Tabbing to another program or minimizing or maximizing, sometimes the DBClient window disappears from being displayed in PHPEd when returning.
Suggestion and possible bug
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