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Wed Jun 25, 2014 6:27 pm
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Hi all..

Apologies for the quietness over the past couple of versions... but I feel it only courteous to say that unfortunately, I won't be continuing with this tool to support v13 onwards.

My l ...

Tue Jan 14, 2014 5:56 pm
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@probc1 :
Hoped that was the case - though as you state "nothing beats retaining a backup" ( Windows restore-points rock!! ) though ill probably backup the entire PHPEd directory from app d ...

Tue Dec 24, 2013 6:48 am
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Hi dmitri..

Hi all and Merry Christmas,

just a quick note: phped imports settings in the registry from a previous version only and only if current version hasn't got its entry in the registry, y ...

Mon Dec 23, 2013 9:20 am
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Thanks Jan Smile

I've just had a quick look at it appears that PSM 1.3.0 works just fine with 12.x x64.

Initially it seems that v12 will implement v11 settings upon initial loading.. but I closed v ...

Sun Dec 22, 2013 6:55 pm
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Sorry lads.. I wasn't expecting v12 so quickly and haven't had a chance to install it myself yet as it's been my 2 year old lads birthday and my 38th (no idea where these years keep going! Smile ) this w ...

Thu Nov 21, 2013 10:06 pm
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Hi all..

New version released: 1.3.0 build 1307.

This release sees a new feature and some internal code cleanup... the new feature being a built-in 'check for updates' function (available from t ...

Tue Nov 19, 2013 7:15 am
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Hi all.. has been released. Code Snippets are now included in the import / export routine.

Also checked against PhpED 11 for compatibility, including the migration.

Download link i ...

Mon Nov 18, 2013 7:27 am
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Seem "Code snippets" is not import/exportable yet, do you plan to make it comes true? Razz

Sure... I'll look into this shortly and get it implemented.

Btw, thanks a ton ...

Fri Aug 16, 2013 8:06 am
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Love it ! great work, thanks!

Glad you like it Smile

and in case anyone is wondering i watched for any outgoing network packets from the program and there was none, its safe and not trying to s ...

Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:07 pm
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Hi Temuri..

Hi Ian,

It looks like there's a bug migrating HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NuSphere\PhpED9.0\Toolbar\LastChk key from v9 to v10.

In v9 its type is REG_QWORD, and it gets imported in ...

Thu Aug 01, 2013 6:44 pm
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Hi Joe..

How can i download a file from the server? I have "upload file" on right-click, but cant find any option to download a file...?

Right-click on the file in the workspace.. se ...

Fri Jul 26, 2013 9:47 am
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1.2.1 1202 released.

This removes the debugging messagebox when exporting now.. apologies about that.


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