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Refactoring tool and other requests

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Have you ever seen IntelliJ IDEA? It's a Java IDE with some extremely useful features that I think would add a lot of value to PHPEd. It has a refactoring tool and many other features that simply make it easy to navigate through the code. I think PHPEd could definitely benefit from some of the features provided in IDEA. Including:

- A refactoring tool: Where you could rename variables, classes, methods etc, and PHPEd would search through the entire project and update all code that refers to these variables/classes/methods to use the new name. You could also perform a safe delete of a variable, class, or method, you could right-click on a variable, select Safe Delete, and PHPEd would search through all the code to ensure that the variable is not being used before deleting it.

- Code Navigation: A way to quickly navigate to a particular class or variable declaration listed in the code. For example, if in my code I have something like this:

echo (db_con->getDbName());

It would be nice if I could do something like ctrl-click on the db_con object in the above code and PHPEd would automatically open and display the db_con class' code for me. Or I could ctrl-click on the getDbName() method and PHPEd would open the db_con class and scroll down to the getDbName() method for display. The same could work with variables, ctrl-clicking on a variable would show me the section of the code where the variable was defined. Ctrl-clicking on an include file would also open up the include file and display it to me. This way, I don't need to waste time manually search through all my files in order to find the code that I need. I think that this particular feature would make the job of coding so much more efficient, I personally hate wading through rows and rows of files trying to find the one class I want to view.

- Find usages: It would be useful to include a Find Usages feature which allows you to search and find all parts of the code that a variable is used, or all parts of the code where a particular method is called.

- Code formatter: Allow me to easily reformat the layout of code according to code style settings. For example, if I want all if statements to be formated like this:

if (a==1)
do this;

Then I could configure the code formatter and run it to reformat my code. So if I have if statements in my existing code that looks like this:

if (a==1) { do this; }

The code reformatter would reformat all these lines to look like this:

if (a==1)
do this;

- Syntax error highlighting - A great feature available in Zend Studio that I would love to see PHPEd have as well.
Re: Refactoring tool and other requests

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Joan wrote:
Have you ever seen IntelliJ IDEA?

I also try to working an refactoring, but the php Comunity
did not try to get more infos about such Ideas.

I like this nusphere editor-engine but no api is available to day.

So much of these refactoring methods are imposible to to.

may be ddmi* could help

Bye anton
from frosty germany
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Refactoring tool and other requests
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