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Quick open file

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The one feature that's really making PHPEd a slow IDE to use, for me, compared to, is that there seems to be no way to quickly open any file in the project. The fastest way I've come up with, to open a file with a class in it, is to write the class name in a PHP file and then CTRL+click it. There is no fast way to open a config file for example, I have to scroll around the list of files to find it, then click it a couple of times.

The fastest way is Ctrl+Shift+N (Navigate to File) and then write a part of the name, or just all the capital letters in the name, e.g. "CHR" for "CHttpRequest" class from the Yii framework, and hit enter.

In Aptana (Eclipse based) it's called "Open Resource", and I've bound it to Ctrl+T, except if you don't want to select the topmost file in the suggestion list, then you have to press down one more time.

This is the one feature you REALLY need to add. Just make it fast and easy to use, with the least amount of key presses required to open a file.

There is some search thing on top of the workspace toolbar, but it doesn't really even work, and it'd be too slow to use even if it did, since there seems to be no key combo to select it.
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I second that this would be a really good feature.
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Quick open file
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