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Javascript 'let' operator not recognized

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This question is basically due to annoyance than anything else.

I have been a NuSphere customer for quite a long time, and LOVE this product. I do quite a lot of work with Javascript and have noticed that some some elements are not recognized as valid Javascript, when in fact the code is correct.

For example, consider the following code snippet:

tooltip: {
                 pointFormatter: function() {
                     let start = new Date(this.start).toUTCString(),
                     end = new Date(this.end).toUTCString();
                     return `<span style="font-weight: bold">${}<br></span><span style="font-weight: bold; font-size: 15px">Start: ${start}</span><br>End: ${end}`

In this snippet, the IDE does not recognize the "let" operand, and also, the "`" in the return statement is defined as an error. Both of these are false errors. I have tried to look at as many options in my IDE to find out what and why this might be, but I cannot find anything.

Does Nusphere need to update its parser, or is there a better solution?

I know that the code is good, and will publish it, but it is extremely annoying seeing these errors in the IDE[/code]
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Javascript 'let' operator not recognized
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