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HOWTO: Run debug session through SSH
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HOWTO: Run debug session through SSH

If you debug your scripts on a public server, you may want to do it in a secure way. In this case, have SSH daemon running on your server.
1. run PHPED IDE, open tools->settings, select Debugger tab, check "Use cusom port and host (ssh tunneling)", enter localhost in Debugger host.
NOTE: if there are multiple developers are working with the same server, each should run its own SSH tunnel on a unique port (say 7870:localhost:7870, 7871:localhost:7871 and so forth, see below) and this port should be entered in the DEBUGGER PORT setting.
2. open php.ini on the server and make sure that debugger.hosts_allow contains localhost alone:
debugger.ports=7869, 10000/16

NOTE: in case of multiple ports used, all the them should be listed in debugger.ports setting, for example debugger.ports=7869, 7870, 7871
3. run ssh on your client computer and connect it to the server using the command below:
ssh -R 7869:localhost:7869 username@serverhost

where username is your user account on the server and serverhost is hostname or server IP address.
NOTE: you'd have ssh client running with the command above each time you want to debug through SSH.
NOTE: you may want to enable compression by adding -C argument to ssh.
NOTE: starting with openssh v4.x, you may want to specify local binding IP, for example ssh -R localhost:7869:localhost:7869
NOTE: in case of multiple developers, see notes per p1

If you need an ssh client and/or server (daemon) for Windows please take a look here: CYGWIN. Check openssh package during install.
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HOWTO: Run debug session through SSH
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