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Emmet (zen coding) integration script

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Emmet is a plugin for many popular text editors which greatly improves HTML & CSS workflow.

This integration script brings Emmet's "Expand Abbreviation" functionality to NuSphere PhpED IDE.

    1. Install node.js from

    2. Download emmet.js file:
    Save it to anywhere you like

    3. In PhpED open "Tools" > "Settings" > "Tools" > "Integration", then press "Add Menu" button

    4. Call new menu "Emmet"

    5. In a "Command parameters" window select "Execute with" > Shell.
    and fill "Command line"

    node "absolute\path\to\emmet.js"

    Then set checkboxes like at the screenshot:

    You can also set shortcut to this action.

    1. Type abbreviation in editor and highlight it:

    2. Press your shortcut or click "Tools" > "Scripts" > "Emmet" menu item.

    3. You got result:

Known issues
    1. Works only with selected text, not the whole line.

    2. Sometimes PhpED window hides backwards after script run.

    3. Script doesn't implement other Emmet actions, such as Line merging or CSS reflecting.

Useful links
Emmet official website:

Cheat sheet:

This integration script based on the plugin for Textarea editor:

P.S. Issues and suggestions are welcome
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Emmet (zen coding) integration script
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