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Debugging both SOAP client and SOAP server

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I am trying to develop a Soap application that uses a rather large WSDL file from another organization, gradually filling in more logic and service calls in my Soap client. My real focus is thus to build the service consumer (client), but I need to build a simple service provider (server) as well -- just for development. I am new to the NuSphere IDE, actually to Soap as well.

Is it possible to step through both client and server code in the NuSphere PhpED debugger environment ? I am using the SRV Local web server on port 9090. I am failing to successfully specify the server location in the WSDL, however; I constantly get a 404 error. To avoid this I tried moving the server code to an Apache server I happen to have available, and now I can cause execution of the server code! (I know this because I hacked that code to write a file with the Soap message it received.) Unfortunately I then cannot step through the server code in the NuSphere debugger to see what is going on line by line, which is what I need to do!! I guess I need help with the WSDL and configuring the SRV local server.

Details: My client code is in C:\Users\az\Documents\NuSphere PhpED\Projects\TestHarness. That is where I placed the WSDL file as well as the consumer (client) code. In order to cause execution of the server code I was forced to place it in a different location on a different web server ("http://localhost:8080/test/pms_provider.php/") and make a local copy there of the WSDL. I tweaked the client code's WSDL substituting "http://localhost:8080/test/pms_provider.php/" for what I unsuccessfully had originally, which was "http://localhost:9090/pms_provider.php/", thus:

<wsdl11:port name="PMSoapPort" binding="tns:PMSoapBinding">
<soap11:address location="http://localhost:8080/test/pms_provider.php/"/>

I also tweaked the following in the WSDL:

<wsdl11:operation name="createPerson">
<soap11:operation soapAction="http://localhost:8080/test/pms_provider.php/createPerson" style="document"/>
etc ....

What I want is to use "localhost:9090" but that is where I cannot find my way. I always get a 404 error no matter what variants I try.
Any suggestions most welcome.

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Debugging both SOAP client and SOAP server
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