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Client-server digest authentication example

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I'm trying for a long time to implement a webservice with digest authentication using nusoap.
I allways get the same error: HTTP Error: Too many tries to get an OK response (HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized)

I just want some simple example that works with digest authentication.
Can anyone help me?

I'm trying the following:

Script client.php

require_once ('lib/nusoap.php');
require_once ('authenticate.php');

$service = 'http://localhost/testes/ws/server.php';
$wsdl   = $service.'?wsdl';
$secure = $service.'?secure';

$digest = getDigestToServer($secure); //implemented at authenticate.php script, below

$client = new soapclient($wsdl, true);
                                "realm"  => $digest["realm"],
                                "nonce"  => $digest["nonce"],
                                "nc"     => 0,
                                "qop"    => $digest["qop"],
                                "opaque" => $digest["opaque"],

  echo "<br>";
  echo "Getting professional code for '123.456.789-10','TÉCNICO'.<br>";
  $result = $client->call('getRegistro', array('123.456.789-10','TÉCNICO'));

  if($result == false){
    echo "Fail: <pre>".$client->getError()."</pre>";
    $erro = $client->getError();
      echo "Error: <pre>$erro</pre>";
      echo "SUCESS!<br>";
      echo "Answer (json): $result<br>";
  echo "<textarea id='txt1' name='txt1'>

Script server.php

  requireAuthentication(); //implemented at authenticate.php script, below

//Enable webservice
require_once ('lib/nusoap.php');

//using soap_server to create server object
$server = new soap_server;

//Configurando o serviço de consulta de registros
$server->configureWSDL('server.getRegistro', 'urn:server.getRegistro');
$server->wsdl->schemaTargetNamespace = 'urn:server.getRegistro';

//register a function that works on server
$server->register(  'getRegistro',                               //Nome da função
                    array(  'cpf'     => 'xsd:string',      //Parametros da função
                            'categoria' => 'xsd:string'),
                    array('return' => 'xsd:string'),          //Valor de retorno
                    'urn:server.getRegistro',                    //Namespace
                    'urn:server.getRegistro#getRegistro',           //SOAP Action
                    'rpc',                                    //Style
                    'encoded',                                //Use
                    'Consulta o número de registro de um profissional de enfermagem.' //Descricao do serviço

// create HTTP listener


function getRegistro($cpf, $categoria){
  include("authenticate.php"); //implemented below

  //This example works fine if you comment the line below. I'm not sure where to place this line
  requireAuthentication(); //implemented at authenticate.php script, below

  $rc = array();

  $rc["cpf"]       = preg_replace("([^0-9])", "", $cpf); //removing '.' and '-'
  $rc["categoria"] = utf8_encode($categoria);
  $rc["registro"] = date("dmYhis"); //returning professional code

  return json_encode($rc);

Script authenticate.php

$realm = 'my_realm_code';
$validUser = 'admin';
$validPass = '1234';

function requireAuthentication() //Used by server.php script, above
  global $realm, $validUser, $validPass;

  // Just a random id
  $nonce = uniqid();

  // Get the digest from the http header
  $digest = getDigest();

  // If there was no digest, show login
  if (is_null($digest)) requireLogin($realm,$nonce);

  $digestParts = digestParse($digest);

  // Based on all the info we gathered we can figure out what the response should be
  $A1 = md5("{$validUser}:{$realm}:{$validPass}");
  $A2 = md5("{$_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD']}:{$digestParts['uri']}");

  $validResponse = md5("{$A1}:{$digestParts['nonce']}:{$digestParts['nc']}:{$digestParts['cnonce']}:{$digestParts['qop']}:{$A2}");
  if ($digestParts['response']!=$validResponse) requireLogin($realm,$nonce);

  // We're in!
  //echo 'Well done sir, you made it all the way through the login!';

// This function returns the digest string
function getDigest() {
  $digest = '';
  // mod_php
  if (isset($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_DIGEST'])) {
    $digest = $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_DIGEST'];
  // most other servers
  elseif (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_AUTHENTICATION'])) {
    if (strpos(strtolower($_SERVER['HTTP_AUTHENTICATION']),'digest')===0)
      $digest = substr($_SERVER['HTTP_AUTHORIZATION'], 7);

  return $digest;

// This function forces a login prompt
function requireLogin($realm, $nonce) {
    $cabecalho = 'WWW-Authenticate: Digest realm="' . $realm . '",'.
                 ' qop="auth", nonce="' . $nonce . '", '.
                 'opaque="' . md5($realm) . '"';
    header('HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized');
    echo 'Cancelado';

// This function extracts the separate values from the digest string
function digestParse($digest) {
    // protect against missing data
    $needed_parts = array('nonce'=>1, 'nc'=>1, 'cnonce'=>1, 'qop'=>1, 'username'=>1, 'uri'=>1, 'response'=>1);
    $data = array();

    preg_match_all('@(\w+)=(?:(?:")([^"]+)"|([^\s,$]+))@', $digest, $matches, PREG_SET_ORDER);

    foreach ($matches as $m) {
        $data[$m[1]] = $m[2] ? $m[2] : $m[3];

    return $needed_parts ? false : $data;

//Analyse 401 header got from server and makes the parameters to
//setCredentials method of nusoap client
function getDigestToServer($url) //Used by client.php script, above
  //Try to open the URL (read-only) - we are expecting this to fail because it is in the secured area
  $fp = @fopen($url, 'r');

  // Check response header from the server
  if (isset($http_response_header))
      // is it the 401 error we are expecting?
      if (preg_match("@HTTP/[\d\.]+ 401@", $http_response_header[0]))
          // recover the digest parameter string
          for ($i = count( $http_response_header ) - 1; $i >= 0; $i-- )
              if (strncasecmp('WWW-Authenticate', $http_response_header[$i], 16 ) == 0 )
                  $wauth = $http_response_header[$i];
                  $wauth = preg_replace("/^.+Digest /","",$wauth);
                  $wauthkeys = explode(",",$wauth);
                  $dgheaders = array();
                  foreach($wauthkeys as $seg) {
                     list($key,$val) = explode("=",$seg);
                     $val = preg_replace("/\"/","",$val);
                     $dgheaders[trim($key)] = $val;
                  return $dgheaders;
          die( 'Error connecting: Não encontrado "WWW-Authenticate"');
          die( '2-Error connecting: ' . $http_response_header[0]);
      die( '3-Error connecting: Bad URL, timeout, etc.');
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Client-server digest authentication example
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