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Cancelling a remote debug session

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It happens sometimes, when I open a web site on which I am currently working, that I get a page like this one instead of the web site's page:

DBG 6.2.9

Failed to start DBG session

Reason: failed to connect to the client at, please make sure that IDE is running
Not sure what it means? Visit for troubleshooting.

Debugger request: "41770101573000002;d=1,p=0,c=1"
Request found in: "$_COOKIE['DBGSESSID']"
Target PHP version: "5.4.x"
Server API: "Apache 2.0 Handler"
Extensions API: "220100525"
Modules API: "20100525"
PHP API: "20100412"

If I visit the web page, I found the following information:

Why am I seeing this message?

You may see this message if the server side dbg module can not communicate to the machine with PhpED (dbglistener in particular). This may happen due to the following possible reasons:

  • Firewall on the server or on the client machine or on both do not allow the communications to be established
  • Client and serevr are in different networks. For example there a network router between the client machine running PhpED and the server and this router does not forward debugger connection to the IDE, although it allows connecting to the server fine.

I think that I can find a third reason:
  • Developer decides it is time to go to sleep at the end of the last evening, so he shut the computer down along with the PhpED IDE software without closing the debug session properly.
    Next morning he wants to open again the PHP web page in development, but he doesn't necessarily intent to resume working immediately.

If for some reason I don't want, or I can't, open the PhpED IDE software immediately, the only mean that I found for resolving this is to manually delete the DBGSESSID cookie related to this web site.

Not very practical.

Maybe it would be a good idea to add a link, somewhere in this Failed to start DBG session page, with the text "Cancel this DBG session", for developers who want to visit the page without continuing to work on it.

I think it should be easy to tell the PhpED remote debugging server's module to quickly delete the cookie and return to the site when the user clicks on this link.

Please add this to the "Features request" list.


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Cancelling a remote debug session
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