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ddmitrie wrote:
yeah, got it...
seems, that's a bug then.

The dependency on 'phped' knowing how to do something with a "new file" is kind of backwards anyway isn't it?

For example, what if I find myself wanting to create new .bla files, which are something proprietary and don't care if there is a syntax highlighter for it? What do I do to add .bla files? I can't, with the current system I am screwed right?

So then, why would you want to restrict people from customizing their workspace to only what 'phped' already knows about? Seems like a bad decision in terms of flexibility, etc.

I was under the impression that the /templates directory had files that would just appear in the menu (regardless of the support for the file type by extension used for syntax highlighting and codehints, etc.) IMO, it seems like a better way to do things.

You could then apply the syntax highlighting conditionally when an extension is appended to a filename in a save as scenario, open scenario, etc. That way we can use whatever we like and we aren't restricted by what 'phped' is comfortable with. Another option not available in 'phped' that should be (imo) is a way to select simply from a menu exactly what kind of syntax highlighting is being applied. There are occasions when I disable highlighting or enable highlighting for custom file extensions, and having to go through the rigamarole of setting it up in options and then building a template for it, just to get my code to highlight is very tedious and cumbersome.

Thanks Smile
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