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Workstation-Dev Server-Production Server

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Not sure if this is possible, as the Project Properties page seems to indicate that there is only one Published account to which you publish your files. My need is such:

1) I have PhpEd installed on a Windows XP box, where a local copy of all my PHP files reside.
2) I want to publish these files and debug them on a local Linux development box
3) After publishing, debugging, and testing on the development box, I then want to publish the files to a hosted service.

Right now, I edit the files locally and then publish directly to the hosted I guess the basic question is, can the project be setup to publish to multiple accounts using the file upload and Smart Sync commands from which I choose the development server or the live/production server?
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either switch Publishing Accounts, or create another project in the same Workspace with the same settings except Publishing Account and make this project active whenever you want the files to be published on live server.

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Hi, regarding upper question: is it possible to have a keyboard shortcut to switch between publishing accounts, and possible some sort of a script maybe produce a special warning for a certain publishing account, like: "Warning: you are publishing to a production server!"...


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This is an excellent use case for GIT. Deploy a git repo through github or bitbucket as the central repo, then on your dev server commit the scripts to it's git repo "dev" for example, followed by a "git push" to the central repo (github or bitbucket), then login to your remote live server, and simply perform a "git pull" to bring down the newest releaseable code for the production server.

Of course there is a number of configuration steps involved to reach this simplified workflow, but once it's done it works great. I'm my opinion it seems silly to try and maintain 2 publishing accounts for this purpose, but it requires you as a developer to maintain a list of affected files (with no version history) and remember what needs to get uploaded to the production server. Git automatically maintains this list and takes care of it all, with the benefits of version control.
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Workstation-Dev Server-Production Server
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