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If it crashes for you, why do you want to collect some info from the others? a) Isn't it a work for support? b) would the info that it is also crashes or never crashes for the other users help you accept this problem easier?
If you want to know my opinion - it does not matter whether a software crashes for anybody. I'm not anybody and I do care if it crashes for me. If I get a software that I like but it started crashing for me at some point, I'll report it to support and will work with them until the problem is resolved. Moreover, I'd not post it on their forum. At least until after the problem got a solution or I made sure they did not react at all for sufficiently long time. But with PhpED&NuSphere it's rare (if ever) happens. I hope so.

The PHP IDE team
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Maybe I'm different to other forum users, but as a technical support analyst myself with over 30 years experience, yes, knowing others are having issues and understanding the common factors would help me. Wink

I've assisted many companies with identifying and resolving issues with their software. It can be very time consuming to do so, but it is all part of making reliable products so I am happy to do so where time permits.

I am not questioning your requirement to report issues to NuSphere; I fully support that. A condition of discussing issues in the forum could be that it must first be reported to NuSphere support. Smile
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Hi there,
I upgraded to version 7 about a week ago from the latest 5.9 that I had. Actually I did an uninstall of 5.9 and a fresh install of 7.0.

However, and yes I have reported through the crash reporter and the support form, I am experiencing several crashes on sometimes specific occasions.

1) phped dies on me when doing a 'save as'. not every time. Mostly when I have had phped open for several hours. Sometimes it dies immediately after the save, today for the first time it died before even opening the dialog...

2) Same thing happens sometimes on a simple save of a file....

3) Also during the many crashes that I am experiencing, often the crash reporter fails with a message that the crash file could not be sent, i think it was because of an invalid file size or something like that. Maybe you should the supoprt form be able to upload a crash file, for those cases...

All of the above did not happen with the 5.9 installation that I used until a few days ago, and there haven;t been any changes to the system since then.

My OS is Vista Ultimate 64bit
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were are Side by Side file viewer and Find Usage
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