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Search in Files Problem

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I have a weird "Search in Files" problem in Nusphere 15012.
When i open the "search in files" on a folder in my workspace with a rightclick than it normally autofill the directory you have clicked on.
But sometimes this doesn't work, the results in this case is that i find nothing because a wrong folder is selected.

I can remember that this happen since a long time in nusphere, but today i can reproduce it everytime in a specific project.
I unfortunately cannot provide an example project.

But i have a screen record from that behaviour.
The second time i rightclick another folder it autofills the wrong folder in the "directory" box of the search in files prompt.
I'm pretty sure that this have something todo with directories "HVP" with the same name in a different tree level because it normally work as expected but in this special case not.

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Search in Files Problem
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