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UI/Explorer/Code coloring

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Here are some things i've found in PHPEd 3.2.1 (Build 3235eval)

* CTRL-Tab toggles between tabs in the order they were opened, instead of their order in the tabs bar. (So, reordering the tabs has little or no sense)
* ALT-S does not open the Search Menu
* if theres a // before a ?> in a line, the ?> is treated as a comment for coloring pourposes, instead of ending the code block.
* Cannot use Rename to change the first letter of a folder to a Capital letter (i.e Renaming a folder named weblog returns error when attempted to rename it to Weblog, saying that a folder already exists with that name...

That's all for now...


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Ctrl-Tab works the same way as Ctrl-F6, i.e. switches to next window while Ctrl-Shift-Tab switches to previous window. When you get an editor focused it moves to the top of window list. This is the way Microsoft implemented MDI interface. We do neither control this list nor can do it.

Note: other issues are fixed in phped 3.3
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UI/Explorer/Code coloring
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