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I don't think this feature exists already, but correct me if I'm wrong. I'd like to be able to print a list of all open files and/or all files modified within the past X minutes/hours/days. Sometimes, such as when a server gets hacked or there's some other security concern, I'll have to do a sitewide search/replace to change passwords in a dozen different config files, and I'll click through each result in the search results and open/update each file and save it back to the server as I go. When I'm done I end up with all the modified files open in phpEd and it would be cool if I could print out a list of all those files for reference before I close them. Or if they are already closed it would be nice to be able to right-click on my site root dir, search for all files modified in the past x minutes/hours/days/etc., then print out that list.
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If you do this so frequently, why don't you write a script that will do this for you? I mean - find corresponding lines with passwords and ask in terminal for a new one and then replace? On the other hand, you can use an independent storage for passwords which will store password hashes, not original strings, just like /etc/passwd does. So should file leak, it won't help anybody crack the site.

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Print file lists
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