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Namespaces and tabs

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Now that namespaces are available in PHP, I quite often use the same class name in more than one namespace. I name my files according to the class they contain and put those files in folders according to their namespace. This means I can often have two files open with the same name.

It would be useful, therefore if there was some way of distinguishing between the two without having to actually click on the tab itself.

Possible options are:

1. Colour coding the tabs by namespace
2. Adding an extra label into tabs which gives the namespace
3. Grouping open files by namespace - or at least offering this option to the user - without having to manually drag them into that order. Perhaps even have the tabs clearly separated along these lines.
4. Bringing up a tooltip with the full namespaced class name when hovering over the tab
5. Having a keyboard shortcut to briefly show all namespaces on tabs so that you can quickly see which one to click
6. Have a second layer of tabs which allow you to switch between namespaces

I think 3 is my favourite.

There may well be other more suitable ways of doing this, but I am sure you will agree that in principle the idea is a useful one Smile[/list]
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Namespaces and tabs
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