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Optimization of installer

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1. Why the installer every time ask me to replace libmySQL.dll file?

2. Very long time MS C++ 2005/2008 Redist. installation take on every update. The installer does not know the package is installed or not?

Thank for 6.2 release with unit test.
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Well, talking about the installer: I'd prefer not to be forced to automatically start PhpED at the end of each update installation. Almost every installer that I know has a checkbox that lets me choose to start the application or not. It would be nice if this would be optional for PhpED, too. Smile

(I didn't install PhpED 6.2 yet, so if there's already such an option, please forget this... Wink)

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It's probably about time that libmySQL.dll was removed from the installer. I haven't looked at which version it is installing, but it used to be a very old one that is not compatible with many versions of MySQL. It annoys existing PhpED users and confuses the new users.

On a Windows Server 2003 system that has Microsoft Visual Studio & .NET and all the MS C++ libraries installed, the C++ library installer also takes forever. I can literally leave it for 30 minutes and during that period of time it doesn't appear to be doing anything. I discovered that if I cancel it just as it is starting to install, it cancels quite quickly and the PhpED install finishes fine. If I cancel just a little bit late, I'm in for a long wait.

On other systems (Vista and Windows 7), I don't get the annoying wait.
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Optimization of installer
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