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with 6.1 they announced jsdoc support.
Now I have a jQuery-Doc.js definition, but the only information I'm getting from code insight is the constructor. no comments are displayed, no options given to choose - no real code insight like when typing document.

Am I doing wrong, or have I expected to much? Wink

Example definition:

/** (Core/Accessors) Execute a function within the context of every matched element.
* <br>The 'this' keyword points to the specific DOM element.
* <br>Additionally, the function, when executed, is passed a single argument representing the position of the element in the matched set (integer, zero-index).
* @param callback Function The callback to execute for each matched element. `this` = the element
* <br>Return `false` to stop the loop (break).
* <br>Return `true` to skip the iteration (continue).
* @return jQuery
* @type jQuery
jQuery.prototype.each = function(callback) {};
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