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The Future of PhpED

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I'm a great fan/user of phpED and I believe that its the best PHP IDE right now...

and I have many suggestions for the developers .. which I think is necessary ..

1st the EDITOR..
the editor is the heart of the IDE and programmers spend hundreds of hours looking at the IDE ,so it makes sense that it should be perfect/comfortable for the eyes/configurable
so here is my suggestions for the IDE:
better syntax highlighting , theming there should be a way to select different themes for the editor (like aptana), a way to import/export themes especially if you modify a theme , and want to use it in a different computer , or share it with others

2nd the debugger, PhpED's debugger is easy to use and its the best and simplest than other IDEs but still there are some difficulties ,like using with codeIgniter .

3rd support for codeIgniter
codeIgniter is lightweight php framework , and it has a fast growing community , and I think it will be the most used php framework in the future.. also I believe that supporting it is easy..
and support for codeigniter means: debugging , syntax highlighting , template parser highlighting ,integrated help system

4th support for jquery
error highlighting (javascript errors are the worst to debug!!) , help, code completion if possible

5th NuSphere website
your website looks old,, old fashioned and obsolete, just compare it to Aptana's website.. if a new users checks your site , he may rethink buying the IDE , because he may think that you software is old or has low quality..

6th frequent updates
the more updates you make , the more software websites will talk/post about your software, its a great publicity and a free one, please publish updates whenever possible and add a change log with it ..

in the end...
there are many php IDEs around , and new ones are being made every now and then, and I love Nushpere PHPed and want it be always at the top..

so I hope these suggestions will be taken in consideration..
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The Future of PhpED
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