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how to specify port?

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Hello fellow programmers!

I am having difficulty changing ports (maybe it is a server thing) but I did open up port 4000 (unless it takes awhile to open).

But I have a client that wishes to use port 4000. So I am just calling:

$client = new nusoap_client('http://server:4000/service.php');

When that did not work, I opened up nusoap.php and and hardcoded ~line 2129
var $port = 4000;

and that did not work I added:
// set default port
if($u['scheme'] == 'https'){
$this->port = 443;
} else {
$this->port = 80;
$this->port = 4000; // I added this

and none of that worked (I'm not surprised as I'm not sure how this works)

this is the error message I get:
HTTP Error: Couldn't open socket connection to server http://server:4000/service.php, Error (110): Connection timed out

It could be a server thing, but I thought I would ask just in case I am supposed to specify a port number or something somewhere.

I thank you for your patience in reading the above and graciousness to any light that anyone can shed.

** More importantly, how is everyone doing today? It is a pleasure to be here amongst all of you!

Peace Always
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how to specify port?
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