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DB Client can't connect to remote MySQL & Nusphere Firew

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For a couple of years now I have used DBClient to connect to MySQl on my webhost but
no longer. I am experiencing the same problems with the MySQL Client.

What I get - after some delay - is:

Could not connect: using username@domainname
2003 - Can't connect to MySql server on domainname[/code] (10060)

Can anyone advise please?

I wondered if it might be a Firewall problem (Vista's) and when I checked
MySql seems appropriately covered although though not being well versed
in matter firewall I did wonder whether there should be both outgoing and
incoming settings.

What was particularly noticeable was the large number of settings for
Nusphere, Php and related software. Looking at those with the same names
my unpractised eye couldn't see any differences; is this normal or installation


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It sounds like a silly question, but you've tried to turn off the Windows firewall to connect, haven't you? If not, try that.

Also, I have our routers configured so that our developers can't access remote hosts, even via FTP. Is it possible that your router has a built-in firewall? You said you could connect before, but if the router has changed, you may want to check that as well. If you think the router may be the issue, you can always plug directly into your cable mode and see if that solves your problem.

Other than that, make sure you have Port 3306 open (that's the port I use to connect through, anyway). I connect remotely using the PhpEd Explorer and the debugger, so it's probably something small on your end that you're missing.

Doesn't look like I provided a real answer, but if you have any questions, I'll try to help.


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DB Client can't connect to remote MySQL & Nusphere Firew
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