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PHPExpress Question

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Hi Folks,
I'm a noob to Nucoder and am trying out the trial version.

A very important item is a concern and I'm not sure if I'm understanding correctly.

Installing PHPExpress on my server is not a problem as I have root access. However, the script I have developed that I wish to encode and utilize the license manager will be distributed to many folks who ...

#1: Don't have the technical experience/knowledge to install PHPExpress
#2: Will be on a shared enviroment so unable to install PHPExpress and/or will have a host that may or may not want to add another loader to the server

Going by what I have read so far it appears PHPExpress will be needed on the server running the distribution script ... correct?

Can isnstallation of PHPExpress be done on the site ... for those with the ability to add a site based php.ini I assume it could but what about those who can't do that? I.E. Is there a runtime solution?

I'm sure if I ran some tests I could figure this out but I'm pressed for time and need to find an encoder and license manager fast so I don't want to spend a lot of time if it's not viable to distribute the encoded files without an easy implementation of PHPExpress.

Thanks in advance ofr your time.
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PHPExpress Question
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