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Patterns for Versioning a SOAP Web service

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Hi Folks,

I'm interested in "versioning" a Web service - meaning, I'd like to implement the ability for the requester to specify which version of the Web service they would like to have returned to them.

Currently, I can return a specific version of a WSDL letting the requester specify a parameter on the request... i.e. http://soap/?wsdl&v=2

I can accomplish this by checking the parameters and specifying an include file with the appropriate WSDL definitions. However, I'm looking for ideas on how to take the same approach for the actual WS requests.

My current thoughts are to have someone present an attribute called "version" with each ws request. We currently have an array that is passed with each SOAP request called "authInfo" which has an application key, and a user's username and password. But, from that point forward I'm stuck with understanding how I might extract that information before passing on to the actual PHP function for execution, since I want to check the version requested, and include the proper PHP include for the requested version.

Anyone tackled this?

I'm curious as to some good design patters.

Thanks in advance,

Lindsay Blanton LLC
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Patterns for Versioning a SOAP Web service
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