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debuging Internal browser and cookies

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Hi, Im evaluating the trial version on my project and Im having trouble with cookies.

Ive set the project to use system default in the project options and I have set the ide tools default browser to use embedded mozilla.

The cookie dbg creates for the session appears in $_COOKIE

However I cannot get the following code to work either

$cookie_domain = HTTP_COOKIE_DOMAIN;
$cookie_path = HTTP_COOKIE_PATH;
setcookie('cookie_test', 'please_accept_for_session', time() + 60 * 60 * 24 * 30, $cookie_path, $cookie_domain);

( $cookie_domain = '' , $cookie_path = '/paysite')

if (isset($HTTP_COOKIE_VARS['cookie_test']))
or if (isset($_COOKIE['cookie_test']))

Having set the browser options to notify me to accept a cookie it dosnt even do that.

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You should not expect a cookie issued by the server to appear in the $_COOKIE array immediately. It may appear in the next request and it will happen only if the cookie is correct. Please take a time to learn how the cookies are working: and
In short, suppose your server issued a cookie header, then after it is received by the browser, all _SUBSEQUENT_ requests that the browser will run against the same server will be accompanied with that cookie until the cookie has expired. If cookie is not set, check the headers with HTTP Watch or Live HTTP Headers plugins for the browsers (note: they will work only with EXTERNAL browsers, not with embedded, but after you get the cookies working in external, they will also work with embedded).

With your example, it's absolutely unclear what is in HTTP_COOKIE_DOMAIN and HTTP_COOKIE_PATH constants. I'd recommend you not to use them at all. Set path to "/" and empty domain. Browsers are good enough to assign appropriate domain for the cookie they get from server because browsers always know the URL and the domain.

The PHP IDE team
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debuging Internal browser and cookies
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