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Highligter - Ability to change only background color

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First of all, thank you for such a great improvement - Highlighter for HTML tags and PHP functions and variables.

Unfortunately there is one quite annoying thing, that i hope is quite easy to fix.
In the phpEd Settings > Editor > Appearance we can change Highlighted text colors - font color and background color.

Because we cannot specify ONLY background color, so when highlighter works for example on PHP functions (which has their own font color) suddenly not only background changes, but also font color, which means by its color we cannot see what type of function is that anymore. If you have file for example of lot of ECHO functions, if you click on it or just start typing, all the ECHO functions suddenly changes color to what is specified as font color for highlighted text, however it would be enough by changing background color only. The same is for php variables and custom functions and tags.

The solution would be to choose not to change font color - instead use default font color of what variable or function or HTML tag had.
There is "Default color" option, however it just mean it will use Default settings color (black, white, ...) - not default color for specific text, function or tag

I hope it was understandable what i meant.
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Highligter - Ability to change only background color
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