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SVN with PHPed

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I am very new to the PHPed. I would like to know how can i use SVN with phped. I have installed tortoises SVN. I have created an workspace project. when i right click on any file then shell menu i only see tortoises SVN option in the menu but not other options such as import export commit etc. I have gone thro the settings, commit, import and export menus are checked.

Should i create an SVN repository then use that as an workspace project ?

How can i copy the files from PHPed to SVN repositery ?

Basically i am an newbie with both SVN and PHPed.

Please help

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1) Please read manual for tortoise SVN.
2) If u still have questions, then read SVN manual.
3) Now open PhpED, on the left you see your workspace with explorer-like tree of files. Ctrl+right click, and you see "explorer"-menu. Select SVN operation as you do it in Windows-explorer.

In the fakt, PhpED just give you the opportunity to use TortoiseSVN _inside_ of IDE. So make you familiar with TortoiseSVN itself Smile
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First step is always to create a repository. If you have installed tortoisesvn on the server for subversion as well, you can just create a folder, right click it and then choose the "create repository here" command. Note that this is the "remote" storage location, not the one you will use for daily usage!
(If you don't have Tortoise, the command to create a repository is svnadmin create <path to repository>)

Next you need to create a local folder to store your versioned files.
In that folder, do an "SVN Checkout" for the repository you just created.
Yes I know, it doesn't contain anything yet, but the reason you need to do this is because subversion requires meta info (the .svn\ folders) and you need to checkout to have those created. Those folders/files will allow SVN tools to link the versioned files with the correct repository.

After that it's just a matter of creating the files you want in the folder and then "adding" them. Note that an add does NOT add the file to the repository yet, it just marks the file as being under version control.
The actual add will be done when you do a commit. At that point all changes will be transferred to your repository as a "revision" and the file as is will be saved.

This only is a very limited description, probably enough to get you started, but you should probably look around for a FAQ or something.
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SVN with PHPed
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