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Error in installing dbg module for - http://localhost/

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I saw many threads in this forum but didn't get answer.
I have Php-5.2.1 and NuSphere-phped-5.0eval-Win32

I get error 'Failed to start debug session. Make sure debug module installed on server that corrosponds to http://localhost/myDir/about.php URL.'

Referring following URL.

I copied program files/nusphere/phped/debugger/server/Win32/X86/php_dbg.dll-5.2.x to php/ext/ folder

Added following lines to php.ini


debugger.ports=7869, 10000/16

restarted my computer but phpinfo() is not outputting any DBG reference.

Any suggetions what I might be doing wrong, are welcome?

Needs to debug this application on local IIS not PHPEd Srv.

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This may sound silly, but I suggest you double-check that you are editing the right php.ini file. You may have one in C:\Windows and one in your PHP directory. To see which one is the correct one, open your phpinfo page and find the Configuration File (php.ini) Path setting near the top.

Next, try using the absolute path to the DBG extension, for example:

And if that does not work, try using the "zend_extension_ts" instead of "extension:

You should not need to reboot you PC. If PHP is configured as an ISAPI module, you need to restart IIS. If configured as a CGI, your new php.ini settings should take effect immediately.
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no, extension is always loaded with extension_dir appended, so if you have
php will try to load C:\PHP\Ext\C:\PHP\Ext\php_dbg.dll-5.2.x and certainly will fail.
The only way to load with absolute path is zend_extension_ts (or zend_extension under unix/linux where php works w/o threadsafety)

The PHP IDE team
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Error in installing dbg module for - http://localhost/
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