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using the nusoap soap/wsdl library for my client script which "talks" to a server lots of times each day, i wonder if there is perhaps a way to cache the results and store them about 1 week to save the remote server's ressources and for not asking the server same queries more than one time although the data did not change.
one way could be to save the output or array's data my script needs, but i think there is another "easier" way to cache it. the issue is: it is not always the same structure the server returns for different queries.
That's why i think it would be easier for me to store all the server's answer if possible.
Isn't it similar to a request for a (static) xml file?
The client asks the server for the file and the server sends the file as response.
Here I would like to capture the data (the answer) and save it at my mysql db for 7 days.
If the entry is already there at the db, it's fine and it can be selected and the script can use it to go on.
If not it has to go the common way and request it from the server. After, it has to be stored...

Did anyone here do an attempt into this direction already or is there a better and more comfortable solution already?
I hope You can help me a bit or can tell me if it's nonsense Wink


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