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List of Windows enhancement

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I often have 20 or 30 Windows open in PHPEd at a time. Many with the same name but in different folders. This is the problem...I want to view a certain 'index.php', but which one?

I put the 'List of Windows' button on the toolbar. When you click this, a menu drops down with all the loaded files displayed. Since all the paths displayed are too long, they get shortened. No problems there - except I cannot tell which file is which as the folder names are cut off. At the very least, it would be nice to put the full folder path in a popup tooltip. Perhaps you can make the dropdown menu resize?

It would be nice to put this list into a popup window that I can then resize. Since this is used a lot, it would be great to put it on an IDE hotkey.

Or - put the Window list into a TAB like you put most other things.

You could also add a MRU list to the popup window.
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List of Windows enhancement
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