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Search/Find Improvements

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I've used PhpEd some years ago. But my project was too big (vBulletin, phpList, Photopost, Gallery2 an own code) or my laptop too slow for an acceptable speed. And as I often work on foreign code I have to use the search very often. I'm very used to the search features of Visual Studio and Ultraedit. And I'm not very satisfied with the search features of PhpEd.

Currently I'm evaluating the newest version 5.9. Speed is good with the new computer. But regarding the search not much has changed since then. Has the version 6.0 new search features?

What I would like to see:
  • Start search at the top of the file when the bottom is reached (or vice versa if one searches in the other direction). Beep if the starting position is reached again. I do NOT want a popup saying "Do you want to continue?", because then I would have to use another key to continue.
  • A search box in the toolbar
  • A key (Ctrl-F3) to start the search immediately with the currently selected text.

The features should be optionally and should not change the current behavior by default. Is there any chance that the search will be improved in the near future?


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I agree with the poster on search improvements. I gotta say that plain text search is one of the most inconvenient things in PHPEd IDE. I would love to see that improved.

Here's a search feature that I'd like to see added:

Ability to search/replace text in the current scope (class or function). That would be revolutionary.

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Totally agree regarding search and replace. This is one area that may be a deal breaker for our team.

I soooooooo want the ability to highlight text and press, F3 or Ctrl+F3, whatever and have a search performed using the selected text as the search string.

Additionally, the other major issue is the modal window for replace confirmation. This alone is almost enough to kill our evaluation.

I too am so used to the search features in UltraEdit, maybe I am spoiled, but the entire find or replace functionality in PhpED seems rudimentary and extremely unintuitive.

Otherwise I have to say so far everything else has been great! Performance has been good, debugging so far so good. The search and replace functionality though is tough to handle.
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Gotta agree that search/replace could do with a bit of work on it. Having a non-modal window and being able to set scopes would be fantastic.

Ctrl-F3 to search for selected text could probably be done with AutoHotKey but would be a nice built-in feature.
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Search/Find Improvements
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