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Should NuSphere port PhpEd to Apple's OS X?
Yes, of course. It's only fair.
 54%  [ 6 ]
No, let's punish Mac users for thinking they're so cool.
 45%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 11

OS X Support?

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Hi Everyone...

I know this question gets brought up and shot down periodically, but I figured it's my turn.

I love PhpEd and have been involved as a Beta Tester for about three years. I use it on Windows and remotely debug servers running Apple's OS X. Works great. Less filling.

But now it's time for me to replace my laptop. Pretty much the only thing that's stopping me from buying an Apple is that I won't be able to run PhpEd. Oh, sure, I could get Bootcamp and a copy of XP, but that's not the same, is it?

So, Dmitri, and anyone else at NuSphere who will listen: Won't you take pity on a longtime supporter and port PhpEd to OS X?

All you closeted Mac users out there, won't you throw your support behind this?

The Linux part is already there, so we know the program runs on *NIX-like systems. Why not finish the job? You'll have the best PHP IDE running on the coolest machines. You'll sell more copies. Perhaps you'll even get your picture taken with Steve Jobs. (All right, maybe that's not so cool.)

Anyway, that's my pitch. Anyone else want to weigh in?

Bill Krauss
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I agree! I love PHPEd, and would love to use it on my new Macbook Pro, if it was available...
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Not that I have anything against Macs or Mac users, but I would think porting PHPEd to MacOS would be a pretty big task. I honestly think the development resources are better spent working on the existing Windows version. That's where the biggest market is, correct? If not Nusphere just happen to have ten extra programmers sitting around with nothing to do, that is Wink

I guess it is easier with a project like Komodo that uses a platform independent GUI kit (Mozilla/XUL) and a separately developed editor component (Scintilla). But even so it took Active State several years to get a Mac version ready.
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OS X Support?
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