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Remote Server/Files + Mapped Drive = No Sync/Copy Option?

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Drawn back to PhpED; I've got my first project set up on a remote server: the project setup wizard + installing the debugger instructions all worked GREAT!

But the last step forces me to select a local (or mapped) directory, then proceeds to create a copy of all of my project files in that directory, have me make changes there and sync with the server when done.

I'm trying EDIT PROJECT FILES DIRECTLY - no file copies, no syncing (files in the project pain are the actual server files - not a copy). (First Question: I searched, but couldn't fine my answer - does this answer already exist?)

Some of my advantages:
1) I have a secure & stable mapped drive connection (my 'K:' drive) that gets me to above both my project and lib files;
2) I'm the only person on earth that will be editing these files (for the foreseeable future)

My Idea(s):
1) Save my project file (project.ppj) in the project root directory using my mapped drive on the server K:{project_root}/project.ppj
2) Somehow turn off publishing? "Don't publish directories" - is there a *.* option?
3) Filter out the project.ppj (Using 'Hide files').

Before pursuing, wanted to see if there was another/recommended/easier option/suggestion.

Thanks in advance; great product.
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I'm not sure what version of the product you tried. Seems it something quite outdated, or at least you found outdated instructions. No, the IDE does not force you to have local copy of the project files available on local disk or through a shared disk. You can edit remote files in your project directly through ftp, sftp, webdav.
As of ppj file, it is expected to be on local disk or on your shared disk.
In order to setup project with remote files open project properties -> wizard and select "Web running on remote server, all project files are on remote server too" and proceed with Next.

The PHP IDE team
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Remote Server/Files + Mapped Drive = No Sync/Copy Option?
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