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Automatic file backups

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Surely, I'm missing something. But, I can't find a way to effect automatic file backups. Seems it only does one, with a "~".

I want every time I exit PhpED I want it to automatically make a backup with a number attached, so I can retrieve a file from, say 4 versions back.


I thought phpEd would do this....
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Possibly it is better to use a version control system, so you get snapshots of the whole development rather than lots of individual files that may also end up being accidentally deployed to a live site?

PhpED itself directly supports a version control system called CVS but I prefer to use Git and I get along just fine without that being integrated into PhpED, although I believe you can integrate it yourself by adjusting the file menus.

Have a look SmartGit

Using these sorts of tools, not only do you get historic copies of your site, you also get the ability to compare between versions to see what's changed, do fix-ups, etc.
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Automatic file backups
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